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Visual stories of science, nature, conservation and adventure

Think Like A Scientist is a short film series produced by Day's Edge Productions for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Nautilus Magazine. In Episode 1, we tell the story of Greg Carr and the restoration of Gorongosa National Park after 30 years of war and destruction in Mozambique. The film also features Princeton biologist Rob Pringle, who does ecology research in the park. This film is a collaboration between Off The Fence, HHMI, Gorongosa Media Project, Gorongosa National Park, Colleen Cox (animations), and Day's Edge.

In the 2nd episode of Think Like A Scientist, journalist Greg O'Brien reveals his struggle living with Alzheimer's Disease and Harvard scientist Rudy Tanzi explains the mechanism by which Alzheimer's robs those suffering from the disease of their identities. Fortunately, Dr. Tanzi and researchers around the world are closing in on a cure. Animations by Colleen Cox.

In the 3rd episode of Think Like A Scientist, we learn about Boundaries. Humans construct boundaries -- around our homes, our neighborhoods, and our nations -- to bring order to a chaotic world. But we rarely consider how these boundaries affect other creatures. Meet conservation photographer Krista Schlyer, who documents the environmental impact of the U.S./Mexico border wall, and biologist Jon Beckmann, who studies how manmade barriers influence the movement of wildlife. Animations by Dustin Grella.

Have you ever heard of the planet Vulcan? There’s a good chance you haven’t, because it doesn’t exist. In the 4th episode of Think Like A Scientist, MIT professor of science writing Tom Levenson retells the amazing history of planet Vulcan - a story that reveals how the power of an idea can sometimes lead researchers down the wrong path. Meanwhile, experimental particle physicist Melissa Franklin explains how lessons learned from Vulcan apply to research today, and how, in the end, science usually gets things right. Animations by Dustin Grella.

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